Comment Sold How To:

To create a Comment Sold shopping account for Facebook and/or Instagram Live Sales & Product Posts go to:


If you use Instagram more than Facebook then click the RED button that says Login with Instagram. 


Things to remember with your Comment Sold account:

  • Comments have to be exact wording or it gets mad. 😜
  • In each Product Post it tells you how to claim in the description. 
  • In each Live Sale it tells you at the top of the screen over my head your options, so just be sure to include all that are needed. 
  • If you mess up on a comment to claim no worries, it happens to us all! Just comment again in a brand new comment. 
  • Example: Mine 101 XL Blue
  • Example if item is only available in one color: Mine 101 XL
  • Example if item is one size and one color: Mine 101
  • Be sure you have connected messenger on your account. It's the quickest way to get links to checkout and info that waitlist items have become available. Just log into your Comment Sold account and if you see "Connect Messenger" like shown in the pic below click it! Be sure to respond to the message they send you in Messenger to activate your account! 
  • If you use Instagram be sure to connect Instagram as well! You can shop the same way on it! Just log in to your Comment Sold account and click "Connect Instagram". Be sure to respond to the message they send you in your Instagram Messages to activate your account! 



  • Account Page: once you're created your account you'll see your account home page. Here you can edit your account info such as address, email, card info and see any coupons or credits. 
  • You can go to my Comment Sold site at any time to log back into your account:
  • You'll see tabs for your shopping cart, paid items, fulfilled items, and waitlist items.
  • That's right! There's a waitlist!!! Yippee! If by chance an item you want sells out COMMENT ANYWAYS! People sometimes change their minds and drop stuff from their carts and then you'd be notified the item you wanted was available if you've commented and were on the waitlist! 
  • This is one reason you want Messenger connected to your account, when a waitlist item becomes available it shoots you a quick message and a button to go snag your now available item! Yay!
  • Any questions or having trouble just shoot us a message under our Contact Us section at the bottom of the page here on our site!